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Hello, my name is David Anthony. I am the proud owner of  Roberts Awning Cleaning. I was born and raised right here in the beautiful City of Sarasota, FL.  I started Roberts Awning Cleaning, because I saw the need for a well informed, well trained and fully capable awning  cleaning company. I am seeing that good cleaning relates more to technique, and the proper cleaning solutions or chemicals, than to simply "blasting" away with a pressure washer. Just because someone owns a pressure washer doesn’t mean that they are well trained and capable of solving your awning cleaning needs. We have a full line of Cleaning Solutions, Sealers and Biocides that are designed to solve your awning cleaning needs properly and with lasting results.

  • Remove deeply embedded dirt, mold, mildew, and stains.
  • Revitalize the appearance of badly neglected awnings
  • Restores plasticizers and UV protectants
  • Restore the original, colorful awning it once was
  • Extend life expectancy
  • Increase resistance to damaging environmental elements
  • Recreate the image you originally had for your business
  • Enhance advertising value and effectiveness
  • Reduce fading and color loss
  • Have you seen the replacement cost of a new one?

The Top 10 Reasons to Clean Your Awnings

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